It seems to me that not nearly enough is done for Parkinson's sufferers.
The life of a Parkinson's sufferer is truly challenging, but if at all possible,
I want to help diminish people's suffering.On this page you can find ideas
and links, but I have no guarantee as to how much help, if any, that they
will be to Parkinson's sufferers.

It also seems to me that the majority of sufferers are just fobbed
off by men and women in white coats who give them unpleasant
medicine that does not cure them, and often causes horrific side
effects like those of Ropinirole/Requip, eg, dizziness, nausea,
hallucinations, and perhaps worst of all, uncontrollable behaviour
manifested by compulsive gambling and/or obsessive sexuality.
You can read more about Ropinirole side effects via the following links,
however, the link doesn't seem to mention the obsessive
behaviour problems

Wikipedia Ropinirole side effects - Ropinirole side effects

My first link for alternative therapy is to Howard Shifke's Youtube videos:

Parkinson's Medical Qigong for Liver

Disappointingly, I couldn't find these same videos on his site:

Fighting Parkinson's Drug Free

Therefore, I would advise people to try to download the Youtube videos asap, in case
they get deleted!

RealPlayer (now known as RealTimes) has free software which includes a downloader
for downloading webvideos from youtube or wherever:

RealPlayer/RealTimes UK site

The videos feature Howard Shifke's demonstration of Qi Gong (pronounced: chee goong).
As far as I am concerned, yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong, are all excellent things to practice.
They are all good for at least keeping an illness under control, if not always fully curing.
The late, great Chen Man Ching was an excellent Tai Chi exponent who suffered horribly as a
young man from the horror of tuberculosis. However, he said that although beginning the practice
of Tai Chi exhausted him, he decided to stick at it, and was very pleased to discover that his
TB symptoms disappeared. However, when his practice lapsed, his symptoms reappeared.
Of course, he eventually made Tai Chi his path through life so as to be free from TB devastation.
Wherever you may be in the world, if you live in a city, you can probably find a Tai Chi, Qi Gong,
or yoga class.

The even better news is that many people seem to have become entirely PD symptom free.
(Howard Shifke, for example).
We are now witnessing a massive increase in healing methods for PD, but sadly, very little
of it is coming from the medical professions.

Although PD is a terrible disease, there appear to be many ways to become symptom-free,
if not to fully cure it, and to this end, I shall look at many methods and therapies,
and provide a number of cogent links.

My own feeling is that PD is beatable, and there are many webpages out there claiming similarly.
However, some of these pages are entirely unscrupulous, and exist only to make money from
the suffering of others. Many PD sufferers become filled with despair, and sadly fall prey to the
evilly greedy. If you see claims in webpages that PD is beatable, usually you will have to pay
significant sums to discover the "magic" secrets.
Unfortunately, it seems that some of these sites are a con.

Contrastingly, I will offer whatever ideas I can find for FREE :)
I believe that useful, practical medical knowledge should be freely dispensed.
Freely sharing practical knowledge is the decent, human thing to do.

Ok, enough preliminary gab, let's have a look at some treatment possibilities.
One thing that excites me most tremendously is PEMF(Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy.

Please click on the link below for some info on it.

PEMF possibilities


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